DAY 18


I can do everyting I would – under normal circumstances – also consider doing.

Rolling down the Boboli Gardens is one of them.



When I woke up it felt like a special day. Something I have been looking forward to.

As if this day an event would take place.


I do not know for how long I will continue doing this.



Raw Leather

Raw Denim


Vegetable tanned sheepskin.

Four skins, one for the left front,

one for the right front,

one for the left back and one for the right back.

Vegetable tanned leather has the property that

it gets darker by moisture and sunlight.

The leather will turn from this light natural color to a dark cognac color.

This type of leather is also known as Vachetta leather.

This is the same kind of leather that is used for the handles of Louis Vuitton bags.


Raw denim

The fabric has a width of 90 cm and a white-red-white striped selvedge.

I chose a denim with as much indigo pigment

as I could find. It is as dark blue as possible.

A heavy quality.

I need 1.90 meters of this cloth.